Reciprocating Tray Denester

Streamfeeder’s reciprocating tray denesters are ideal for denesting single and multi-cavity trays, clamshells, and custom trays made of plastic or paperboard.

Available with one or more lanes to accommodate multiple placements, conveyor streams, or array configurations for platen conveyor integration. Denesters are available with speeds up to 65 cycles per minute. 

Applications: Bakery, Collators, Confection Packaging, Contract Packaging, Egg Cartoning, Fruit Packaging, Meat Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Poultry Packaging, Ready-to-eat, Retail Packaging, Vegetable Packaging

Products: Clamshell Trays, Egg Cartons
  • Clam Shells
  • Cups
  • Custom Trays
  • Foam Trays
  • Muffin Paper Cups
  • Multi-cavity Trays
  • Paper Pulp Bowls
  • Paper Pulp Trays
  • Pie Tins
  • Single Cavity Trays
  • Tubs
Systems are configured specifically to your specifications.