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Pharmaceutical Solutions from BW Integrated Systems

Like many other markets, the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow and expand. With market and product expansion also comes the growth of packaging solutions. Nutraceutical and functional beverages have broadened the category even further.

Primary packages have changed dramatically with flexible packaging and cartons emerging as the primary packaging choice in the market. While bottles and glass are still relevant, they are not used as frequently anymore.

BW Integrated Systems offers a full range of automation solutions for a variety of pharmaceutical products. Learn more about our automated solutions and how they integrate with your pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Automated Systems & Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Automation is extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry. Automation allows for greater speeds of production while decreasing human error.

Conveyors from BW Integrated Systems bring automation to your packaging systems. With buffering and accumulation conveyors, our systems can handle a variety of products. Conveyance systems help ensure a consistent supply of products is being supplied to the desired location.

Robotic depalletizing equipment integrates with your existing machinery to maximize space and decrease production time. Machines quickly depalletize containers to deliver to other distribution lines.

Case erecting machinery is adaptable to your line and requirements and case sealers, with hot melt and tape sealing and quick changeover capabilities, efficiently seal filled cases.

Automated pharmaceutical solutions from BW Integrated Systems ensure the efficiency of your packaging process, without losing any quality. Machines are adaptable and able to handle a variety of container materials, sizes, shapes, and weights.

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