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Packaging Equipment Upgrades / Rebuilds

Packaging Machine Upgrades for your Business

Over time, frequently run machinery can degrade in condition, affecting performance and efficiency. Upgrading your packaging equipment can be a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing specific units or systems.

Our experienced team can audit your equipment to determine the feasibility and benefits of upgrading your system. We offer a broad assortment of equipment upgrades and retrofits to prolong the life and performance of your packaging machinery.

Why Should I Upgrade?

There are multiple reasons for needing to upgrade your existing packaging equipment. These could stem from the need to increase packaging volumes, new industry requirements, safety concerns, or the need for improved efficiency. Whatever your industry needs, we can upgrade your packaging equipment to enhance your investment. We also have upgrades available for our legacy brands.

New Product Changes

As the market demands changes to packaging or machine standards, it can be costly and time-consuming to source and replace equipment. Let us help you keep up with industry requirements by upgrading your current equipment.

Converting existing equipment to run new product sizes or configurations can be a cost-effective way to utilize existing investments. Our engineering teams utilize our experience and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) documentation to create conversion kits. These conversion kits are used to adapt legacy equipment in a variety of ways. This includes adjusting machine speed to increase production or adapting controls to industry standards. Maximizing the capabilities of current equipment to avoid replacing them prematurely is our business and responsibility.

Safety Upgrades

Creating a safe working environment for associates is a priority for all businesses. We continue to innovate safety enhancements for all models of equipment. These Improvements are available and adaptable to older models.

These improvements are a part of the services we offer clients to help machinery stay current with today’s safety regulations. Adding additional safety or improving the ergonomics of your equipment will significantly enhance your facility’s working environment. We also offer a combination of mechanical and electronic improvements depending on the packaging solution your business requires.


Changeovers of equipment can be a significant source of downtime for our clients, slowing production while business costs remain steady. Improving the changeover process and timing is an opportunity to enhance the throughput of products and efficiency significantly. Additionally, converting your existing equipment to run additional product sizes or group patterns can be cost-effective. This way, you utilize existing investments as the market demand changes.

As an OEM, BW Integrated Systems’ Aftermarket team can confidently guarantee the quality and durability of their changeover parts. Our engineering teams can create conversion kits that reduce changeover times for legacy equipment and make them more adaptable. All this is possible by utilizing our OEM documentation and leveraging decades of experience.

Control Updates

Controls are the heartbeat of all automation. Making sure your equipment has up-to-date hardware and software can be one of the most important decisions you make. Technology is advancing faster each year, creating the obsolescence of legacy control platforms in several ways.

First, the hardware can become impossible to replace. Second, the software needed to support the hardware can become unavailable. BW Integrated Systems continues to advance our technology on newer models to combat obsolescence. Additionally, we provide solutions to update controls and servo technology on all legacy equipment.

As the OEM, we know to apply advancements that improve speed, efficiency, fault recovery, and human interfacing. Our OEM expertise and our equipment advancements make us the best choice to update your equipment controls.

Improved Machinery Efficiency

Newer technology and innovation advancements can improve your throughput with reduced downtime or changeover. Our strategy is to understand specific deficiencies by application to determine which proven modifications can address machine deficiencies. Machine deficiencies can include maintenance interruptions, changeover downtime, or needed speed improvements to maximize output. The benefits of upgrading include significantly reduced fixed labor requirements and increased facility productivity.

Rebuilds and Pre-owned Equipment

Our team offers a variety of options related to the restoration of existing equipment or providing certified pre-owned Tray and Bliss Formers. We can rebuild your existing machine from the ground up while adding current standards for controls and safety. Many customers choose this option in favor of saving money when compared to the cost of replacement with brand-new equipment.

Trusted Legacy Brands of BW Integrated Systems

The BW Integrated Systems portfolio comprises some of the packaging industry’s best-known brands. Our brands include Ambec, Fleetwood, Goldco, Nigrelli, Stact, and SWF. Learn more about our companies’ legacy brands here.

Partner with BW Integrated Systems

The goal of our team is to mitigate client risk and effectively deliver products on time, within scope, and on budget. Additionally, our ability to manage our client’s needs is solidified by our risk assessment process. Our success at BW Integrated Systems is mainly due to our extensive experience with applications and our talented team.

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