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Integrated Packaging Systems

With over 40 years of expertise, BW Integrated Systems is a trusted partner to packaging companies around the world and offers a broad range of expertise. Our seamlessly designed integrated packaging systems are critical to our customers’ success. Whether you are implementing a new packaging system or are ready to optimize an existing system, BW Integrated Systems has the talent and experience to provide a best-in-class system that meets your needs.

With core competencies stretching from packaging line execution to robotic automation, BW Integrated Systems not only provides packaging systems solutions for virtually every segment of the consumer-packaged goods industry, we also offer customized integration solutions for some of the world's best known automotive, industrial and logistics companies.

Our key markets include:

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Pet Food
  • Automotive
  • Wineries and Distilleries
  • Can and Can End Manufacturers
  • Industrial
  • Household
  • Personal Care

Learn more about our integrated packaging systems below.

Can Line System

Leading the Way in Packaging Line Optimization

We understand that maximizing space and decreasing production time is critical, which is why BW Integrated Systems is dedicated to designing and implementing solutions that meet your unique space and manufacturing needs. There are several characteristics and behaviors which differentiate our Systems Integration offering, including:

Operating Philosophy

Our operating philosophy has been crafted over years of experience. There are several fundamental concepts that enable us to successfully execute line optimization projects from our clients including our world class commercial team, our valuation of the importance of line controls and our ability to design with future proofing in mind.

Industry Experience

Systems Integration is a people business. To that end, BW Integrated Systems has assembled one of the industry’s most experienced teams to form its Integrated Packaging Solutions group. Our team consists of strong commercial, applications and controls experts who are singularly focused on delivering systems solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Financial Strength

As a division of Barry-Wehmiller, one of the world’s largest packaging companies, BW Integrated Systems has a strong financial position and scale to ensure we can help our clients manage the financial risk associated with larger systems projects. Additionally, our size allows us to offer creative financing arrangements that can help our client comfortably manage their cash flow as they invest in their packaging infrastructure.

Packaging Line Design

With over 120 of industry knowledge, BW Integrated Systems has one of the industry’s most experienced teams of design professionals. Each team member is singularly focused on creating optimal packaging line designs that are customized for each client’s application.

Because we are both machine manufacturers and system integrators, we have a unique understanding of how-to best feed machine centers and ensure proper spacing between equipment centers so that each machine can perform optimally.

OEM Management

Our wrap around casepackers can load a variety of products such as cans, cartons, and bottles onto wraparound cases. These machines provide superior performance, low operational costs, and simple maintenance requirements.

Innovative Technology for a Competitive Advantage

When you partner with BW Integrated Systems, our integrated packaging solutions, including project scoping and plant design, give our customers the competitive advantage by utilizing innovative technology and process optimization. Our creativity and problem-solving expertise in the packaging industry sets our clients apart from their competitors.

Flexible & Responsive Customer Communication

BW Integrated Systems prides itself on being flexible and highly responsive to our customers’ needs. Our dedicated team will find the best solution for your packaging application through intent communication. With decades of experienced engineering and a multitude of global locations, we can install, service, and deliver products to keep your packaging lines performing whenever and wherever you need.

Partner with BW Integrated Systems for Packaging Line Optimization

The goal of our Integrated Packaging Solutions team is to mitigate our client's risk and to effectively deliver projects on time, within scope and on budget. Much of BW Integrated Systems success can be tied to our extensive application experience and our talented team, but our ability to truly manage our client's risk is solidified in our risk assessment processes, as well as the financial wherewithal of our parent company, Barry-Wehmiller, a $3B global supplier of technology and services with over 11,000 team members worldwide.

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