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Food Manufacturing Automation

From frozen foods and canned foods to fresh food, each product needs a different type of packaging solution. BW Integrated Systems is a leader in the food and beverage industry. We offer diverse equipment for food packaging lines, as well as systems integration capabilities for customers operating packaging lines of all sizes.

No matter the food and package, BW Integrated Systems supplies automated packaging lines for some of the world’s largest food suppliers. Learn more about our automation technologies for the food packaging industry.

IQF & Frozen Food Packaging

BW Integrated Systems food packaging lines are ideal for IQF and frozen food manufacturers, including:

  • Proteins (poultry, seafood, beef, and pork)
  • Fruits (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and mangos)
  • Vegetables (potatoes, corn, spinach, peas, and kale)
  • Snack foods (pizza, french fries, appetizers, and more)

These are just a few IQF and frozen food possibilities our food packaging lines are capable of handling.

Pet Food Packaging

BW Integrated Systems has emerged as a systems leader in niche food markets like pet food. While our machinery is equipped to handle the unique requirements of pet food, we partner with BW Packaging Systems companies to offer a complete range of pet food packaging solutions.

BW Integrated Systems can help your business packaging any shape or size of pet foods. Our machines are capable of packaging:

  • Wet food
  • Dried food
  • Treats
  • Specialty items & more

Benefits of BW Integrated Systems for Food Packaging

Within the food industry, it's essential that your packaging automation system is efficient, so it does not reduce production or cause any delays in your supply chain. BW Integrated Systems is a leader in automated solutions that help keep your systems running precise and efficient.

Smooth Operation

Our conveyor systems quickly move your food product from one place to another to keep your packaging line running smoothly.

Heavy Duty, Compact Designs

Bliss and tray formers, along with case erectors & sealers are commonly used within the produce, snack, bakery, IQF and protein sectors of the food market because of their heavy-duty, yet compact design.

A Wide Range of Solutions

Our food manufacturing automation solutions also include can handling, depalletizers, cartoners, case packers, palletizers, line controls, and more.

Seamless Integration

Every machine at BW Integrated Systems seamlessly integrates into your existing packaging line to meet your exact need. No matter the packaging, BW Integrated Systems has a solution for your application.

Learn More about BW Integrated Systems Food Packaging Line Capabilities

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