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Automotive Packaging Automation

Packaging Equipment for the Automotive Industry

As the automotive market competition stiffens and technology begins to advance, it’s vital to choose products that provide proven results. BW Integrated Systems has been a supplier of some of the world’s most innovative product packaging machinery for automotive product lines.

We are among the leading suppliers of robotic technology and conveyance for automotive product packaging solutions and will work alongside you to create effective automation solutions for your automotive product packaging needs. We strive to provide excellent people, products, and performance for each customer’s unique application requirements.

Interested in learning more about what advancements we offer in the automotive product industry? Contact a BW Integrated Systems representative today.

The Benefits of BW Integrated Systems’ Automotive Parts Solutions

BW Integrated Systems’ 40 years of industry experience makes us an easy choice. We have been the industry-leading provider of expert engineered solutions and technology. Staying at the forefront of the industry in today’s economy is vital, as markets are continuously changing their products packaging advances and offerings.

To stay in front of the everchanging advancements our brands are known for their advanced technology and application experience. This allows BW Integrated Systems to provide innovative automation and conveyance solutions for the automotive product industry.

Bliss Case Formers & Tray Formers

SWF by BW Integrated Systems has served as the industry-leading bliss and tray former for over 50 years. We offer a variety of bliss and tray form equipment, all of which can be customized to your specifications. Our machines are reliable and proven to improve your production speed. To learn more about our bliss case and tray former solutions, visit the product page.

Line Controls

As the industry turns to more robotic and semi-automatic solutions, the importance of electrical line controls grows. At BW Integrated Systems, our team has over 150 years of combined industry experience. Effective line controls can help increase your machine productivity and reliability.

BW Integrated Systems can work with you to design control panels that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Customized to your standards and built with high-quality products, BW Integrated Systems provides durable and cost-effective control panel design. To learn more about our expertly engineered line control panels, visit the Line Controls product page.

Palletizing Solutions

For those wanting advanced robotic palletizing solutions, BW Integrated Systems are the industry-leading choice. They offer reliability, high-speed capabilities, and many customization options. Learn more about our automatic palletizing systems by visiting this page.

Choose BW Integrated Systems for Automotive Product Packaging Solutions

At BW Integrated Systems, we provide trusted legacy products and innovative solutions. In partnership with respected container manufacturing brands, BW Integrated Systems works with you to provide custom and integrated solutions that improve manufacturing efficiency. Interested in learning how a solution at BW Integrated Systems would fit your applications’ needs? Contact a representative today.