Robotic Low Level Case Palletizers

BW Integrated Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacture of low level case palletizers.  With hundreds of systems provided in a variety of markets segments, our application experience is virtually unrivaled in the packaging industry.  We provide robotic solutions in both frozen and ambient environments, and we design systems that operate in both intermittent and continuous motion, depending on speed requirements.

Robotic Dual-Line Case Palletizers

BW Integrated Systems’ Robotic Dual-Line Case Palletizer with integrated stretch wrappers is a solution that was designed for a client that specializes in the production of various sauces, dips, and salad dressings. Many of the packages that this client uses on a day-to-day basis are very small and unstable. As a result, the full pallets can be difficult to convey until they are stretch wrapped. To overcome this issue, we designed a palletizing solution to build the full pallets directly on stretch wrappers which then allows for ‘on-the-fly’ wrapping of the load during the build process. The robot End-of-Arm tool is designed to perform all aspects of building the full pallets including handling pallets, dirt sheets, tie sheets, and product. This palletizing solution was designed to accommodate the 16 different products, that this client runs, with no mechanical changes to the machine.