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Automation in the Paper Industry

Solutions for Automation in the Paper Industry

BW Integrated Systems offers a variety of automation solutions for different sectors of the paper industry. Being a trusted supplier of case, tray and bliss erectors, our SWF line is used by many of the world’s largest corrugated manufacturers.

BW Integrated Systems provides robotic automation solutions for corrugated and white paper manufacturers. These solutions are mostly center around the palletization of stacks of flat corrugated boxes and white paper.

Why Automate Paper Handling Processes?

Automation equipment for the paper industry increases productivity while reducing downtime and accidents. Paper mills and steps of the paper manufacturing process can be dangerous for employees. When finished, paper can also be very heavy once stacked in boxes or put on rolls. By using automated machinery to handle heavy products, employees are safer and able to better monitor machines.

Automation also increases the quality and consistency of your products. With robotic and automatic machines and systems, your products are handled the same way, every time. Repetitive loading, unloading, and conveyance tasks are optimized even more through automation. Learn more information about our machinery and its role in improving your paper manufacturing process.

Paper Automation Systems by BW Integrated Systems

Bliss case and tray solutions from BW Integrated Systems bring efficiency to your machine line. Our automatic tray forming machines are cost-effective, increasing production speeds up to 60 trays per minute. Case and tray packers provide both robotic and fixed automation, with top load and side load packing solutions.

Palletizing equipment from BW Integrated Systems is the most trusted in the paper industry. Our robotic palletizers are reliable, rugged, and minimize operational disruptions while increasing efficiency. All our palletizing equipment is customizable, with unique configurations available to meet your requirements.

BW Integrated Systems also provides line control systems. Our expert engineers and programmers create electrical controls to provide monitoring information to your machine line. Through HMIs and an operator-friendly design, line controls optimize your overall line operations. Panels also provide analytical tools and other diagnostics to help you maintain efficiencies in your packaging operations.

Through expert engineers and years of industry experience, BW Integrated Systems is a trusted automation solutions provider for the paper industry. View our machines below or contact BW Integrated Systems to learn more about our systems and solutions.