Low Pressure Accumulation - Ambec 10, 10R

The AMBEC 10 and AMBEC 10R are carefully engineered and refined to increase your overall line throughput by quickly compensating for inevitable jams and stoppages. Each of our custom designed systems is divided into individually controlled zones. This enhanced control feature lets your system automatically adjust to various line conditions.

BW Integrated Systems’ Jump Transfer transfers product from one conveyor to another while changing orientation 90 degrees. Our AMBEC 10 table brings product in up against a side rail.  Once the product is staged, dual powered belts rise up between the AMBEC 10 rollers and transport the product away.  This product will be transported in slug lengths to the next conveyor.

  • Elimination of deadplates
  • Reduction of line pressure
  • No pattern and bridging jams
  • Faster, more efficient changeovers
  • New tighter line configurations for maximum productivity
  • More control over throughput so you can redirect product during downstream stoppages
  • Maximum stability for difficult (unstable) products


Stainless steel or powder coated mild steel

Inner Rods

¼” diameter stainless steel

Outer Rollers

3/8” – 1” diameter plastic rollers (Only for 10R)


Stainless steel

Roller Drive Mechanism

Patented drive modules