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Spirits & Wine Packaging Equipment

Spirits & Wine Packaging Equipment

The growth of wine and spirits in recent years has presented many opportunities and challenges to wineries and distilleries alike. In addition to traditional products and packages, there has also been a vast increase for tall slender cans, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, and the development of more non-traditional, eye-catching products.

New packaging is designed to attract more attention on store shelves and gain new customers. Not only have labels, colors, and logos been made more modern, but bottle sizes have also changed. Wine and spirits bottles now come in a variety of shapes, that may be appealing, but can be difficult for packaging machines to handle.

From non-traditional bottles like reverse tapered and flasks to more innovative primary packages, such as cans and cartons, BW Integrated Systems can handle them all. BW Integrated Systems is a leading provider of end-of-line equipment and packaging systems integration to both the wine and spirits markets.

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Wine Packaging Solutions

BW Integrated Systems offers a variety of packing machinery to help you achieve high-quality products that meet your exact requirements. Our mechanical conveyors automate production and quickly handle containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Conveyor systems from BW Integrated Systems help ensure a consistent supply of products as they are moving from one place to another.

For loading your spirits and wine bottles into your desired vessel, our case and tray packing solutions can handle both top loading and side loading, depending on your product.

From line controls, palletizers, and case erecting and sealing equipment, BW Integrated Systems provides a multitude of solutions to enhance your wine and spirits packaging line. Our machines work well on their own or can be easily integrated into your existing product line.

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