A Legacy of Case Palletizing

BW Integrated Systems provides proven fixed automation and innovative robotic palletization solutions for bulk and cased goods.  BW Integrated Systems has long been one of the world’s trusted suppliers of empty container and fixed automation palletizing, in both high and low-level configurations.  In recent years, BW Integrated Systems has emerged as one the world’s largest suppliers of robotic palletization solutions with installations around the world across numerous market segments, including Food, Beverage, Industrial, Paper, Home and Personal care, Wine, Spirits, and Automotive to name a few.  Today, BW Integrated Systems palletizing product portfolio consists of a broad range of fixed automation palletizing systems ranging from semi-automatic models to high speed models with push button, recipe-based change overs. Multiple configurations allow for specifically designed function such as multi-sku product operation and on-the fly change over. All the offerings from BW Integrated systems are designed to meet the highest safety rating and come with the lifetime support of our world class customer service team.

Leading the Way in Robotic Palletizing

BW Integrated is one the largest and most trusted suppliers of robotic automation in the global packaging industry. With over 400 installations in 13 countries, the BW Integrated Systems team has decades of experience in a variety of different markets and applications.

Ancillary Equipment

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40+ Locations Worldwide

BW Integrated Systems is part of BW Packaging Systems. Through our five companies, customers can find more than just a single machine, they can leverage our combined primary packaging, labeling and end-of-line packaging systems capabilities. Find out more about how we can serve you.