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We like to say that BW Integrated Systems is "where can and end began". For over 50 years, BW Integrated Systems has been providing can end solutions for the Global can end market. Though much of the technology has changed, our experience and commitment to this market has not. Anchored by industry technology provided by Fleetwood, our product line includes engineered can end conveying, innovative in-process storage and end-of-line packaging equipment for both can end manufacturers and consumer packaged goods companies. Our automated end handling solutions are capable of handling more than 10,000 aluminum ends per minute.

Fleetwood...Where Can and End Began

Anchored by technology developed by can end leader Fleetwood, BW Integrated Systems has long been a leader in the manufacture and handling of can ends. Though the can end market has changed, our commitment remains the same as can end makers have seen many changes over the years. Today, our portfolio of solutions includes the use of robots in the transfer, storage and balancing of can ends between machine centers. Our automated bag palletizers package and palletize the ends after the conversion presses. However, our proven solutions are not limited to 2-piece, beverage cans, we handle 3-piece food can ends in much the same fashion. However, in the case of 3-piece cans, magnetics may be applied in lieu of vacuum which is used for aluminum 2-piece cans.

Our can end solutions are not limited to the can end manufacturers themselves. For our clients that fill cans, we supply accumulators, feeders and can end conveyance of all types and styles to load ends into can seamers, after the cans have been filled. Our feeding solutions are used in a variety of industries around the world including Beverage, Beer, Food, and more recently, the Wine industry.


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BW Integrated Systems is part of BW Packaging Systems. Through our five companies, customers can find more than just a single machine, they can leverage our combined primary packaging, labeling and end-of-line packaging systems capabilities. Find out more about how we can serve you.