Cobra Laner

BW Integrated Systems’ Cobra Laning System provides a smooth transfer of products from single file to multiple lanes, continuously and accurately. The Cobra Laner’s snakelike guide rail remains docile while delivering containers to a chosen lane, but snaps into action when it is time to switch lanes. The result is high speed and accurate product placement at line speed without stopping the infeed product flow or the upstream equipment. Assuring reliable, smooth and damage-free product transfers with no container tipping, the Cobra Laning System also takes a bite out of down time and handles a multitude of containers and conditions. 

  • No stopping or slowing of containers - true “switch-on-the-fly” motion
  • At product changeover, discharge lane centers update automatically and the product width adjustment is manual and tool-less
  • Low friction rail surface has a long life - no product damage
  • High speed applications
  • Minimal mechanical complexity - the simplicity makes it ultra-reliable
  • Machine can lane into an infinite number of lanes with a maximum center to center distance of outside lane to outside lane of 21.9 inches [556mm] for a 66 inch [1,676mm] wide machine and 37.4 inches [950mm] for a 78 inch [1,981mm] wide machine