Innovation in Pallet Unwrapping and De-Strapping

The removal of packaging material from incoming pallets is a challenge for most manufacturers.  In addition to the manpower required to accomplish this, there are typically significant safety concerns associated with the manual removal of materials. BW Integrated Systems provides innovative automation solutions for the removal of materials from pallets. Our proven strap cutting technology utilizes robots with vision systems to identify strap location on the pallet. Once located, the straps are cut, removed and chipped. Once the straps have been removed from the pallet, film can be removed in order for product to be removed from the pallet to be filled and packaged.

Innovative Robotic Automation by an Industry Leader

Once again, BW Integrated Systems utilizes innovative robotic technology to safely, efficiently and automatically remove film from incoming pallets.  Once straps and film are removed, the product may safely be depalletized. With over 400 installations in 13 countries, BW Integrated Systems is a global leader in robotic automation.

Destrapping and Pallet Unwrapping

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