Automatic Counter Bagger with Robotic Bag Palletizer

BW Integrated Systems’ Automatic Counter Bagger / Robotic Bag Palletizer combine our bagging and palletizing technologies within a combined system.  The Automatic Counter Bagger (ACB) counts and separates ends, then bags them for pickup by the Robotic Bag Palletizer (RBP). The Robotic Bag Palletizer picks up the bags of ends from the Automatic Counter Bagger and stacks them on a pallet.  The robot layers snake wrap paper between each layer of ends, while building the pallet, locking in the layers of bagged ends.  Once built, every pallet is consistently straight.


  • Sencon or fiber-optic count systems
  • Pneumatic count separation
  • Electro-mechanical drives for positioning of pick and place heads (empty and filled bag)
  • Electro-mechanical drive for bag loading function
  • Air hold-up system for controlling ends in transit
  • 6 or 12 bags per minute capacity
  • Capable of sealed and unsealed bags
  • Fully interlocked guarding system
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview 1000
  • (4) Empty bag drawers capable of 150 bags each. (600 total)


  • Pick and place head with bag fold hold system for unsealed bags
  • Sample bag bypass system
  • Six (6) axis articulated arm robot and robotic controller
  • 2-in-1 end of arm tooling for bag handling and snake-wrap handling - 3-in-1 tooling also available to handle empty pallets
  • Floor level snake-wrap loading
  • Electro-mechanical drive for snake wrap head positioning
  • Safety light curtain at hoist entrance
  • Fully interlocked guarding system
  • Robot controls will interface with main PLCs


3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 480 Volts, 120 Full load amps

Air Requirements

75 SCFM at 80 PSI

Diameter Sizes

200 to 603


Aluminum or steel

  • Empty pallet dispenser capable of storing ten (10) empty pallets
  • Full/empty pallet conveyor system
  • Pallet scissor-lift with anti-drift hydraulic circuit