Destrapper (Debander)

BW Integrated Systems’ Destrapper (Debander) operates at the infeed line to a Depalletizer and automatically removes the plastic holding straps from pallets of cans, glass and PET bottles and then advances the load to the next station for top frame removal and/or Depalletizing, while the straps are processed in a granulator. If you have multiple suppliers of containers with different strap quantities and positions, our destrapper can work on the fly and cut the straps.

  • Reduced labor costs - eliminates the need for an operator to remove and feed straps into a chopper before infeed to the Depalletizer
  • Simple controls allow an operator to set the machine and leave it unattended for extended periods of operation
  • The pneumatic and electrical operating system consumes very little power
  • Razor sharp knives cut straps into fine, 1/4” or smaller granules for easy disposal
  • Pallet load heights can vary as much as 24” and still be accommodated
  • Cutting head assembly and other areas of the machine are easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance
  • Variations for 4, 5, 6 and 8 strap configurations