Robotic Automatic Depalletizer

BW Integrated Systems’ Robotic Automatic Depalletizers are designed to depalletize multiple product sizes from numerous incoming product lines and can deliver products to many distribution lines.  Depending upon the end-of-arm tooling used, the depalletizer has the capability of depalletizing empty or filled cans (aluminum or steel), plastic containers, or cases.

High Speed Empty Can Depalletizers

BW Integrated Systems has solutions to meet your speed requirements, even withiin a limited footprint. Our top pallet discharge feature cuts down on pallet change time, minimizing the gap created during a pallet change. Our low-profile sweep and layer pad handling option resolves limited ceiling height concerns. Our optional Destrapper at the infeed, to remove as much manual labor as possible from that aspect of the line, puts that labor to use in other areas

  • Small footprint design
  • Extremely accurate package placement
  • Very low maintenance compared to a non-robotic depalletizer
  • Gentle product handling
  • Dunnage handling capabilities
  • State-of-the-industry safety and monitoring systems package
  • Eliminates the need for multiple conventional depalletizers, due to its high-flexibility
  • Highly adaptable to product changes
  • Handles various product sizes simultaneously
  • Other traditional designs are not capable of handling multiple product lines with a single depalletizer without extensive changeover