Series 1579 Bag-in-Box High Speed Uncuffer / Closer

BW Integrated Systems’ Series 1579 High Speed Uncuffer-Closer is an innovative, fully automatic machine that uncuffs a filled polyethylene bag from a corrugated case, gathers the bag top and applies tape around the neck of the bag. The Series 1579 Uncuffer-Closer is a perfect addition to automate your case handling line and can handle up to 12 cases per minute.

  • Completely automatic; eliminates bag uncuffing / folding by hand
  • Positive mechanical with four corner contact, which eliminates the use of air to uncuff the bag
  • Positive bag top control - ensures precise tape application and bag closure
  • Case monitoring photo eyes prevents jams and case damage
  • Integrates easily with BW Integrated Systems’ automatic poly bag inserters for a totally automated system
  • High reliability and low maintenance guarantee quick pay-back
  • Simple, accurate PLC control system increases uptime and eases troubleshooting
  • Tape or plastic clip bag-closing system


Up to 12 cases per minute (dependent on case size)

Case Sizes

Length: 7” (178mm) to 22” (558.8mm)

Width: 9.5” (241.3mm) to 15.5” (393.7mm)

Depth: 16” (406.4mm) max

Depth + Flap: 9” (228.6mm) min

Max L-W: 6” (152.44mm)

(Above based on 4” to 6” (101 - 152 mm) bag above flap and 3” to 5” (76 - 127 mm) cuff with a 1” double cuff

Bag Types

Polyethylene bags


240/480 volts, 3-phase, 60 hertz

Maximum Draw

240 volts – 3.1 amps

480 volts – 1.5 amps

Air Operating Pressure

80 PSI (5.4 atm)

Free Air Consumption

.9 cubic feet (25.4 liters) free air per cycle