Maximizer High Speed Palletizer

BW Integrated Systems features our fast, gentle and accurate, Maximizer high-speed palletizer. Our Maximizer can be designed with one or multiple accumulation zones.

As cases enter the system, a controlled gap is created with metering belt conveyor. Multi-lane dividers position cases for turning, or to be sent straight through to the layer accumulation area. The layer of product is then quickly and gently formed and palletized onto the pallet. Once a full-load has been palletized, the system immediately discharges the load. As soon as the load exits the system, an empty pallet is quickly lifted into position for new layers to be placed.

  • Modular construction featuring quick, simplified plug-in installation
  • Empty pallet CDLR loading conveyor for smooth, consistent pallet feed
  • Full load discharge conveyor with easy fork truck access or automatic discharge
  • Pallet dispenser with up to 1,000lb capacity
  • Safety features including protective railings for the upper machine.Full height perimeter guards with light curtain at full-pallet discharge, and interlocked doors and gates
  • Complete electrical controls for a totally programmable operation from the console or via laptop computer hook-up
  • Tie sheet dispenser
  • Pallet conveyor and pallet dispenser
  • Multiple solutions for handling a variety of case characteristics
  • PLC to allow for control of additional devices
  • Custom End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT)
  • Freezer application capability