Isometric Air Conveyor

BW Integrated Systems provides an ideal way to transport a wide variety of products including today’s ultralight containers in filling and can manufacturing with its Isometric Air Conveyor. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind, bi-directional airflow system, our patented air jet pattern allows maximum container velocity by simply changing plenum air pressure. This results in an impressive combination of high speed and positive, accurate control without damaging the containers.

  • Pressure in each blower zone can be adjusted either manually or automatically, depending on application
  • Variable frequency drives can be added for additional product control when required
  • Simplified control requirements reduce number sensors
  • Reduces scuffing of surface finish
  • Zero dents at impact
  • Bright cans are handled with accuracy and control
  • Accommodates aluminum or steel cans in sizes from 8 to 24 oz.
  • Ideal for use with shaped cans
  • Available in stainless steel or powder coated mild steel construction

Conveyor Section Types

Straight, auto switch, gates, auto merger gates, curves, combiners

Widths from 18” to 48”

Frames and Plenums

Efficient airfoil wheel mounted, painted mild steel (stainless steel optional), with or without a drain - side or above mounted