BW Integrated Systems’ Inserting and Uncuffing Systems are designed to accommodate granular, powdered, flaked, solid and liquid products in a variety of container and bag sizes for use in a variety of industries including food, household and industrial.

Poly Bag Inserting

Systems are designed to select a gusseted or flat tube polyethylene bag from a roll of perforated stock, insert it into an erected container (corrugated, plastic, etc.), and cuff the top over the container flaps.

Bag-in-Box Uncuffing/Folding

Systems are designed to uncuff a filled polyethylene bag from a corrugated case and fold the bag in over the top of the product.

High-Speed Uncuffing/Closing

Designed to uncuff a filled polyethylene bag from a corrugated case, gather the bag, and apply a polypropylene tape or plastic clip closure to the neck of the bag.

Inserters and Uncuffers

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