Robotic Bulk Palletizer

Break from the traditional high-level, fixed automation. Meet the next generation of empty container palletizing - BW Integrated Systems’ Robotic Bulk Palletizer. Depending on the end-of-arm tooling utilized, the system is capable of handling virtually any type of specialty, general purpose or food containers made on your production line.

  • Flexible palletizing cell - quick, reliable can size changeover
  • Stationary load building - pallet does not lower for each layer eliminating disruption to previously palletized layers
  • Cost effective method over traditional “high level” palletizers
  • Flexible can infeed locations - floor level, allowing for access and visibility to palletizing functions from the floor, or raised to allow foot traffic under can line
  • Indexing layer centering assembly for straight square pallet loads - holds existing layer while next layer is placed on layer pad

Output Speed

3 layers/minute, 211 aerosol - 1000 cpm, 307 steel - 600 cpm

Power Consumption

14.0 Kw/hr.

Compressed Air Requirement

80 PSI (5.5 Bar = 5.62 Kg/cm2)

Air Consumption

1.5 CFM (2.5m3/hr.)

Pallet Size

44” x 56”

Container Size

202 to 610 diameter

  • Multiple pallet size capability
  • Filled steel can capability
  • Glass bottle handling
  • Separate handling for pallets
  • Layer pads and top frames for higher output lines