R8403 Super Sorter

BW Integrated Systems’ Model R8403 Semi-automatic empty can Super Sorter depalletizes and single-files cans into two sorting lanes for manual inspection. In addition, cans can be conveyed in mass to repalletize. 

Any can manufacturer that wants to manually visually inspect their cans will benefit from this technology.

  • Robust 4-chain electric hoist with automatic layer height indexing
  • Automatic pallet change feature with full width pallet stop door
  • Powered can sweep for depalletizing
  • Layer pad grippers to hold layer pad in place while cans are being depalletized
  • 24’0” [7315.2mm] accumulating table includes sorting area
  • 2 tilted single file lanes for can inspections
  • Scrap can hopper and chute
  • Model R03 Automatic Empty Pallet Stacker
  • Empty pallet discharge conveyor
  • 8’-6” [2590.8mm] full pallet infeed conveyor with safety mats
  • Layer pad rack
  • All electric/pneumatic operation with push-button controls
  • NEMA 1 2 Electrical Control Cabinet provided with Allen Bradley SLC programmable controls, 24VDC control voltage