Pressureless Combiner / Inliner

BW Integrated Systems provides you with a Pressureless Combiner / Inliner for stable single filing of round, non-round and unstable containers without delays due to jams. Through countless hours of research and development, we have established ourselves as the clear and distinct leader in pressureless combiner technology.

  • Eliminates bridging and pattern jams
  • Eliminates damage to container surfaces
  • Ejects downed containers
  • Handles irregular shaped and high friction containers
  • Customized precision controls

Down Container Removal


  • Cylinder is used for full or heavy containers (need facility air / 120 VAC) – 600 cpm limit
  • Air is used for empty or light weight containers (need facility air / 120 VAC) – 1000 cpm limit
  • Reverse Tilt - Used if speeds exceed ejector limits

Basket Styles:

  • Bin is used for aluminum and plastic containers
  • Shallow tray is used for glass containers to minimize breaking
  • Declined shallow tray will allow glass containers to clear to prevent stacking/breaking

Mop Options

  • Chain mops will be provided for light or unstable containers to keep the chain free of debris