Robotic Tray Storage (RTS)

BW Integrated Systems’ Robotic Tray System is a transfer and accumulation system for the can end making process to maximize the efficiency of the line. The Robotic Tray System consists of an infeed system, robot with end-of-arm tooling, removable storage trays, drawer accumulation system and a discharge system.

  • Speeds: Steel ends (5,000 EPM), Beer/Beverage ends (6,000 EPM) with a single robot, Beer/Beverage ends (12,000 EPM) with a dual robot
  • Gravity feeds cans on discharge - fewer wearable parts
  • QC sample drawer for end inspection and end re-introduction
  • Configurable footprint
  • Robotic system for low level easy access
  • Ability to change end orientation with robot
  • Run dual color on discharge (beer / beverage ends)