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Loveland Manufacturing Floor

BW Integrated Systems Continues to Flourish in Robotics

by Donna Wolfe | Sep 19, 2018

“As I look on our production floor I’m filled with pride and excitement”, expressed Daniel LoRusso, Business Unit Director at our Loveland Manufacturing facility.

We started our robotic journey humbly and over the years we’ve grown our experience and refined our designs. Now we have robotics systems that are capable of palletizing 16 SKUs in a freezer environment standing next to multi-robot case orientation cells. We have merged our legacy fixed automation technology to include the use of robotics which has allowed us to offer our customers a custom solution using tried and tested technology. We have grown a library of end-of-arm tools to include magnetic, vacuum, clamp and continue to innovate new machine models like our robotic destrappers and robotic case orientation cells.

The future can be uncertain, we often hear from our customers that they want to “future proof” their production equipment. They want ultimate capability and versatility to apply to their marketplace. “I’m pleased to see that our team has responded to these needs with servo based controls and thoughtful mechanical designs”, stated LoRusso.

On our floor today, we have a robotic unwrapper that can accept a variety of pallet heights, widths, and orientations with simple HMI recipe based adjustments. For the first time we have a fixed automation destrapper that can remove 4, 5, 6, and 8 strap combinations in all formats without a mechanical change-over to cutting heads. We know that our customers need to be able to adjust quickly to meet market demands and our shop floor is full of equipment designed to give them that freedom.

“As an Operations Leader, a production floor filled with a robust mix of equipment types and a busy team often means we are winning. But true success comes from the continued partnerships with our customers, together we continue to innovate and create the future of Automation”, concludes LoRusso.