A Variety of Buffering and Accumulation Solutions

BW Integrated Systems provides technology and automation solutions that improve operational efficiency for our clients. We offer a full range of "adaptive" accumulation systems which are designed to improve production line performance by "de-coupling" machines and providing a consistent flow of product to downstream equipment. We offer a variety of conveyor-based buffering solutions for both rigid and flexible packages.

Our patented single file, First in-First out Accumulators accommodates ever changing product size and shape designs with minimum changeover and pressure-less product handling. Products that can be run include both round and odd shaped products, such as rectangular, tapered, non-rounds, PET, HDPE, gable top, glass, cardboard, stand up pouches, flow wrapped products and many more.

The AMBEC 10 and AMBEC 10R tables to increase your overall line throughput by quickly compensating for inevitable jams and stoppages in a low-pressure environment.

Accumulating and Buffering

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