IP 10 Tip-on Feeder with Wi-Fi

Streamfeeder's IP 10 Tip-On Feeder with Accuracy-Lock technology is designed for high-speed precision placement of products onto moving carrier targets. The modular design allows IP feeders to be easily integrated into existing equipment such as folder/gluers, vacuum bases, mail tables, conveyors, flighted infeeds, tip-on systems, or configured as part of a turn-key attaching system.

Streamfeeder’s Accuracy-Lock feature ensures tight placement tolerances at high speeds with one or multiple pieces per carrier. Wi-Fi enabled controls allow you to set-up and adjust the IP 7 on-the-fly from an application on your phone, tablet or laptop. Management, operators, and maintenance can view real-time diagnostics and reports allowing them to track productivity, quality and efficiencies.

Applications: Integrates with Folders/Gluers, Vacuum Bases, Mail Tables, Conveyors, Flighted Infeeds, Tip-On Systems, Turn-key Attaching Systems

Products: Plastic Cards, Booklets, Business Cards, Coupons, Folded Documents, Magnets, Pharmaceutical Inserts, Promotional Items, Sample Packs

  • Accuracy-Lock
  • Variable and on-the-fly product placement adjustments
  • Servo motor/controller
  • Encoder
  • Vacuum assist ready
  • One-knob side guide adjust
  • Gum rubber feed belts
  • Universal mount
  • System I/O interface
  • Discharge guides ensures side-to-side registration
  • Self-adjusting hold-down
  • Adjustable discharge
  • Stainless steel construction

Maximum Product Size

10” wide x 10” long (254 x 254 mm)

Minimum Product Size

2” wide x ”2.5 long (51 x 64 mm)

Min/Max Product Thickness

.003” to .250” (.076 to 6.35 mm)

Belt Speed

4,000 in/min (101.6 m/min)


115/230vac, 50/60 Hz, 3A

Wi-Fi Enabled



One year limited

Note: Other sizes and thickness capabilities available.