Top and Sideserters

Streamfeeder’s top and side outserter systems provide automatic attaching of literature or pharma onserts to cartons or bottles, or place dosage cups on bottles at speeds up to 250 per minute. 

Includes a fully integrated timing screw for bottle metering and glue system. Bar code verification can be added as an option. Systems can be configured left or right. 
  • Positive vacuum pick-up mechanism
  • Positive Bottle handling with timing screws
  • Variable speed drive control
  • Gear design for rotary motion
  • Hot melt glue system
  • PLC Controlled
  • No bottle-No glue and No glue-no placement


Serts: 1” x 1” to 3” x 3” (25.4 x 25.4 to 76.2 x 76.2 mm)

Bottles: 30cc to 2,000cc


Horizontal 3 ft (91 cm)


Input Power: 220vac or 480vac

Controls Power: 24vdc

Air: 60 to 80 psi, unregulated

  • Bar code readers/Vision Systems
  • Reject Station
  • Horizontal magazines (4, 6, or 8’)
  • Vacuum Generators
  • Scales and hand levers for ease of setup
  • Motorized vertical adjustment
  • Casters for mobility
  • Low product in magazine detection system
  • Missed item detection
  • Stainless steel and USDA construction