Clamshell Lid Closing

Streamfeeder’s tray closing systems provide that final piece of automation for manually or robotically filled trays. Trays are automatically denested and carried to a manual or automated filling line. The filled clam shells are then conveyed to our automated closer. Labeling and lidding options are also available. 

Applications: Bakery, Cheese Packaging, Contract Packaging, Fruit Packaging, Meat Packaging, Ready-to-eat Food Packaging, Vegetable Packaging

Products: Clamshell Trays, Egg Cartons
  • Simple to operate
  • Swing arm placement
  • Positive vacuum pickup mechanism via mechanical valve
  • Adjustable product magazine
  • Up to 65 cycles per minute
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Safety guard with interlock switch
  • Trigger sensor
Systems are configured specifically to your specifications.