Has finding reliable manual labor been difficult and costly? Eliminate hand gathering of products with Streamfeeder’s customizable collation systems.

Whether your job has two pieces or twenty, our systems are flexible in design to meet your job requirements.

Our systems are modular; feeders (friction feeders, multi-feeders) and conveyors can be added as your business grows, quick to change over, and easily integrated with shrink wrappers, cartoners, polybaggers, flow wrappers and more.

Applications: Batch Counting, Cartoning, Direct Mail, Overwrapping, Kit Fulfillment

Products: Backer/Hang Cards, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Cardstock, CD/DVD Cases and Sleeves, Chipboard, Coupons, Envelopes, Folded Documents, Folders, Greeting Cards, Labels/Stickers, Leaflets, Literature, Magazines, Manuals, Metal Siding Samples, Pain Sample Swatches, Plastic Signs, Sheet Paper

  • Business Forms
  • Greeting Cards
  • Owner's Manual Packs
  • Printed Products
  • Rainbow Packs
  • Stationery Packs