XTR Retractable Dropper with Wi-Fi

Streamfeeder’s high-performance XTR Retractable Dropper batch counting system is designed to maximize your throughput, assure count accuracy, and eliminate rework by automating your batch counting jobs. The modular design allows the XTR to be easily integrated with equipment such as banders, collators, flow wrappers, poly baggers, shrink wrappers, cartoners, and order fulfillment systems.

The Streamfeeder XTR batch counting system includes features such as servo motor and drive, application-based controls, diagnostics and reporting. Wi-Fi enabled controls allow you to set-up and adjust the XTR from an app on your phone, tablet or laptop. You can view real-time reports allowing you to track productivity, quality and efficiencies.

Banders, Cartoners, Collators, Flow Wrappers, Order Fulfillment, Poly Baggers, Shrink Wrappers

Products: Booklets, Brochures, Cardstock, Construction Paper, Envelopes, Folded Documents, Folders, Greeting Cards, Label Sheets, Manuals, Note Pads, Retail Signage, Sheet Paper

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • App based controls
  • Reports, diagnostics
  • Servo driven
  • Batch counting up to 1.5” stack height
  • I/O capabilities
  • Tool-less setup and changeovers
  • Repositionable rods
  • Heavy-duty adjustable mounting stand with casters

Maximum Product Size

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Minimum Product Size

4” wide x 4” long (102 x 102 mm)

Batch Size

Up to 1.5” accumulated stack height (38 mm)

Wi-Fi Enabled



One year limited

Note: Other sizes and thickness capabilities available.