C1410 and C1411ACS Empty Can Palletizer

BW Integrated Systems’ commitment to the container industry is to manufacture the most efficient and reliable C1410ACS Palletizer. The C1410ACS was designed to exceed our customer’s performance criteria by providing improved container handling and machine reliability.  Built-in speed capabilities ensure this palletizer will stay ahead of the pace.

BW Integrated Systems’ latest empty can palletizer technology is designed specifically for high-speed can lines or can lines supplying the market that require the use of multiple pallet sizes and top frame configurations. Previous technology required operators to adjust palletizer mechanisms with hand cranks for pallet and layer size adjustments. The C1411ACS incorporates automatic pallet and layer size adjustment features throughout.


  • Quick disconnect system for rapid install and improved start-up timing
  • Robust 4-chain continuous motion electric hoist with automatic indexing
  • All electric / pneumatic operation
  • Simplified, user-friendly controls for machine operation
  • Servo powered continuous motion layer positioner precisely positions each layer
  • Centerline layer squaring and 4-side re-square provides a pack quality second-to-none
  • Automatic operation, including pallet change, layer cycle and layer pad placement to allow operators to focus on container quality


  • Quick disconnect system for rapid install and improved start-up timing
  • Output speeds up to 4000 cans per minute (which includes a pallet change)
  • 4-sided independent layer squaring and re-squaring
  • Multiple pallet sizes and can diameters
  • C11 automatic top dispensing pallet magazine
  • Metal frame handler and wood / plastic frame handler
  • Metal frame handling has been eliminated from impacting cycle times
  • Both frame handlers are adjustable to accommodate multiple frame sizes

Power Consumption

100 amps

Compressed Air Requirement

20 CFM @ 80 PSI

Pallet Sizes

1000 x 1200mm

1120 x 1300mm

1120 x 1420mm

1120 x 1440mm

1180 x 1250mm

1200 x 1350mm

Container Size

202 to 610 diameter

C1410 Options

  • Servo powered layer retainer leads cans onto pallet, eliminating can tipping