400G2 Automatic High Level Bulk Depalletizer

BW Integrated Systems’ 400G2 Automatic High-Level Bulk Depalletizer automatically removes empty containers from pallets at high rates of speed and feeds them into production lines. During operation, layer pads and top frame are automatically removed and empty pallets are automatically stacked. We also provide a number of dunnage handling combinations to meet your needs.

Our 400G2 Depalletizer is designed to operate in a high-speed, 24-hour/day production environment while easily handling empty steel, aluminum, PET or glass containers.  

  • Reciprocating and continuous motion sweep with variable frequency drive
  • Retainer to lead containers onto accumulator (incorporated into sweep assembly)
  • Layer pad / Top frame hopper
  • Multiple layer pad grippers
  • All electric / pneumatic operation
  • Vacuum style pick-up assembly for automatic layer pad and top frame removal and stacking (incorporated into sweep assembly)
  • Robust, 4-chain electric hoist with variable frequency drive
  • Safety light curtains located at the sweep and infeed