Elevator / Lowerator

BW Integrated Systems’ Elevator / Lowerators raise or lower containers with ease.  When significant elevation changes are required in your bottling line, our gripper elevators or lowerators are your best choice.  Additionally, with the easy to turn hand wheel (pictured to the right), line changeovers become easier and faster.

The gripper chain allows product to be conveyed gently at the desired speed with no product damage occurring.  These unique features are standard in each machine, yet each one is still entirely custom designed.  BW Integrated Systems will manufacture each Elevator / Lowerator to suit your specific line requirements.

  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Single turning wheel for fast and easy changeovers
  • Pneumatic chain take-up to compensate for chain growth
  • Automatic chain lubricators to extend chain life


2” square stainless steel or painted mild steel tubing




Constant speed gearmotor with VFD

Container Parameter

2” – 6” wide

5” – 13” high


Plastic (stainless steel optional)


Baldor/Weg or per customer specification


Painted mild steel (stainless steel optional)