SWF Series TL Pick and Place Top Load Case/Tray Packers

BW Integrated Systems’ SWF Series of Top Load Casepackers are designed to handle a wide range of product styles, including cartons, tubs, bags and bottles. Interchangeable product gripping heads are custom designed for your application. These can include mechanical grippers, vacuum grippers or a combination of the two styles. Product placement options are also highly flexible, including RSC’s, trays, plastic crates or layer pads.

  • Versatile packing solution for soft, flexible, rigid and irregular shaped products and packages
  • Up to 30 placements (picks) per minute
  • Multi-product/container handling capabilities
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy line integration
  • Quick product changeovers
  • Packs various RSC, HSC and Display-style cases and trays
  • Simple integration with Thiele’s broad line of Tray/ Case Erectors and Sealers
  • Gentle product handling