SWF Series PL 200 Pivot Loader - Flexible Products

BW Integrated Systems’ SWF Series PL 200 Pivot Loaders are specifically designed for loading flexible product into a case in a vertical pack pattern. This simple system incorporates a pivoting belt which loads product into chambers, according to the number of rows in the case. Each chamber has a down-stack plate that will catch the appropriate number of bags before the pivot belt moves to the next chamber. Once the complete case pattern is made, a ram pushes the product into the awaiting case.

  • Up to 150 units per minute
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Infeed product settler available
  • Portable
  • Packs into bliss, tray or RSC
  • Numerous pack pattern capability
  • 90-degree bag turner
  • Product settler/conveyor - vibrates product to provide flat, uniform bag
  • Broken bag detector
  • Automatic case positioner - positions pre-formed case in loading station
  • 90-degree rotating buckets
  • Line integration available upon request
  • Additional options available