Gripper Rinser

BW Integrated Systems’ Gripper Rinser provides thorough rinsing of containers to free them from everyday dust that can accumulate. In addition to rinsing, the proper amount of drain time is guaranteed to ensure clean and empty containers reach the filler.

  • Machined Acme screws and digital counter allow for quick, repeatable product changeover
  • Gripper chain stretch detection allows for preventive maintenance and eliminates down time
  • Reverse taper chain path at drive end allows smooth transfer of product at discharge
  • Dual gear motor drive reduces cost of ownership
  • All-sealed tubing construction
  • Stainless steel roller base chain, sprockets, carrier chain discs, adjustment screws or adjustment chain
  • Wheel disc bearing splash guards
  • Automatic adjustment with gear motor and linear transducer feedback
  • Blower driven vacuum system to collect dust from the rinser chamber in lieu of removable trays
  • Non-wash down main drive package
  • Machine guarding over the entire length of the machine with safety interlocked doors (designed in consideration of the European CE standard but certification markings to be done by others)
  • Central bearing lubrication