Gravity Ionized Air Rinser

Air rinsing can help reduce operating costs and through water conservation, have a positive environmental impact.  BW Integrated Systems’ Gravity Ionized Air Rinser is an invaluable machine that is becoming increasingly popular for filling operations that require dry, sanitary rinsing of containers. The key procedure is the use of a high pressure ionized air assembly. This consists of an ionizer component that positively charges filtered plant air and applies the air through a header with nozzles.  Empty cans are supplied to the rinser from an overhead conveyor via fittings which rotate them into a horizontal orientation.

  • High-pressure air rinsing neutralized with ionized air
  • Gravity-controlled can flow
  • Comprehensive three-stage filtering system
  • Easy access filter replacement with indicators
  • Self-contained control system and panel

Compressed Air Usage

3.4 SCFM @ 35 PSIG per nozzle

17 SCFM @ 35 PSIG total (single lane operation)

Line size: 1/2” NPT

Utility Requirements

460/60/3 for 3 HP recirculating air fan

110VAC control voltage

80 PSI clean dry compressed air supply

Note: Specifications shown are for a standard machine and are subject to change without notice.

  • Gatling gun quick changeover or multiple lanes, each dedicated to a container size to minimize changeover.