Air Single Filer (Model D3)

BW Integrated Systems’ Model D3 Air Single Filer is specifically designed for high-speed single filing of aluminum and tinplate cans. The single filer converts a mass of vertical containers into a horizontal single file stream. Applications of this machinery are typical where there is a need to convey containers coming from an air mass conveyor into a high speed single file component such as a decorator. The D3 can manage a gapless single file line at speeds up to 2400 cpm for 12 oz decorated aluminum cans. The machinery can also be fine-tuned with static pressure regulators to efficiently handle various specified speeds.

  • Speeds up to 2400 cpm
  • Complete compact modular design
  • Auto damper system for air control
  • D3 frame or remote mounted blower
  • Compatible for aluminum, steel and tinplate cans
  • Easy, single point adjustment for various can heights and diameters