Positive Control Infeed Systems

BW Integrated Systems’ Positive Control Infeed Systems insure that the lead ends in a moving stick remain vertical. This eliminates the possibility of a fallen end jamming the conveying mechanism. The unique design is extremely flexible and may be utilized in many different applications. In cases where a stick of can ends is conveyed away from a processing machine, the Positive Control Infeed may be used to keep the trailing ends from falling back. A remotely located air blower and plenum provide positive air flow to the mounted assembly.

  • Eliminates fallen and flipped ends
  • Insures continuous operation
  • Retrofits in many semi and automatic end handling systems
  • Air flow controls either end of a moving or stationary stick
  • Patented and foreign patents pending

Stick Length


End Diameter

200 to 211


Specified in original equipment or installed in an over lane position in most existing can end handling systems